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Flying Horse Editions is the University of Central Florida’s fine art research facility and non-profit publisher of limited-edition prints, artist books, and art objects by internationally renowned artists. It is located in the UCF Center for Emerging Media in downtown Orlando. FHE offers unique opportunities for artists, students, faculty, and collector-patrons.

Flying Horse Editions offers artists the opportunity to work with FHE technicians to push the boundaries of their work while heightening the education of UCF students. Faculty and the community are enriched through this creative exchange and expression.

New Editions Available: CHIE FUEKI: The Anahita Series

Chie Fueki's AnahitaChie Fueki's Anahita series is built on layers of diverse influences and references. She pushes and pulls images borne from her personal relationships in and out of an interweaving of pop culture influences and venerated traditions. When she came to work at UCF's Flying Horse Editions in the summer of 2013, it was our desire to introduce her to the printmaking options that would correspond to her process, and echo the flavors of her multi-cultural upbringing in Japan and Brazil. In this suite of prints, Fueki utilizes woodcut—a long-honored technique in Japan—along with brilliant, non-traditional media (foaming ink, glitter, hand-dyed papers) that hint at the tropical textures of Brazilian culture. To further mix the influences, the image, a portrait of her friend Anahita, has been been stylized in the manner of Japanese anime. The resulting artworks simultaneously allude to the prints of Houksai and Hiroshige while retaining the exuberance of Tropicália and carnival.

Chie Fueki's Anahita

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June 2014

photoA recent print Flying Horse Editions published with Carmon Colangelo is currently featured at the International Print Center New York. New Prints 2014/Summer features 49 projects by 49 artists, culled from more than 3,000 prints. [Read More]

November 2013

photoUCF’s Flying Horse Editions will host an open house Nov. 14 for visitors of all ages to have a hands-on experience with letterpress and to print their own holiday cards. Letterpress is the process of printing from an inked raised surface when paper is impressed directly on the surface, and is the technique used by Flying Horse Editions research and publishing facility. [Read More]

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